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Intimacy Guide Offerings

Are you looking to improve your sex life and strengthen your relationships? From learning new techniques to increasing pleasure, intimacy guide sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs. Take the first step and schedule a free 20-minute intro call with me.

The Confidant

Sex and relationship coaching services address areas such as decreased libido and leveling up your sexuality.


Trained in the Somatica® method, I use experiential embodiment exercises that emphasize the importance of experiences (as opposed to thoughts) as the central vehicle towards deeper intimacy and choice. Sessions are 75 minutes, in person or virtually and may include touch, with consent.

I work from a trauma informed perspective and from the idea that intimacy and erotism are teachable.

Trauma Informed Yoga

I offer private yoga lessons and a weekly public class. Find Yin Yoga for Dismantling People Pleasing at 3rd Eye Meditation Lounge in Austin, TX. 

Yoga is a self-focused practice where we can uncover the messages of what our body wants. To move in a way that feels good to your body is the foundation of embodiment and pleasure.

The Intimate

Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) can encompass many aspects of sexuality, partnered or solo, but must be in the triadic model of the client, talk therapist (neck up) and surrogate (neck down) working together on determined goals. SPT is in person and touch based with consent.

Surrogate partner therapy requires a third so either let's loop in your therapist or practitioner. Additionally,  I can connect you with the therapists I am currently working with: Dr. Susan Kaye of Integrative Mind Body Therapies, Ani Williams of Body Psychology, Jessica Warner of Dove+Wolf, and Rebecca Kalomiris of Red Koala Counseling


For reference, I completed SPT training with Dr. Kaye and she trained directly with sex researchers Masters and Johnson of the Kinsey Institute.


"What truly sets Miranda apart is her unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being. Throughout our sessions, I never once felt judged; instead, I felt seen and understood in ways I hadn't experienced before. Miranda helped me identify and celebrate wins and progress that I hadn't even acknowledged myself, instilling a sense of empowerment and self-worth.
If you're seeking a supportive and knowledgeable guide to help you navigate the complexities of intimacy and sexuality, I wholeheartedly recommend Selfish Sexuality. Thank you, Miranda, for your unwavering dedication to helping humans like me level up their sexuality and embrace deeper connections."

-Ashlyn, 31

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