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Lived Experience

I am an intimacy guide, sex and relationship coach trained in the Somatica® Method, surrogate partner therapist and trauma informed yoga teacher who facilitates classes that are inclusive and celebrate body diversity. For 11 years, I served as an emcee, producer and doula of stories for a storytelling show about sex and gender identity. I was the person taking the stage to a 350+ crowd talking taboos, taking risks and facilitating inclusion in entertainment. Most important, I asked people to trust me that you won't regret stepping into the spotlight and sharing your story.

My lived experience includes being the intimate partner to bodies before they knew they were trans or non-binary, or kinky, or brave. Bodies that remembered the trauma but had forgotten the story. Bodies that were changing, bodies that were celibate for many years, bodies that asked me to play out a role which sometimes I consented to and sometimes I didn’t. I’ve been with bodies in grief and celebration. 

My lived experience includes what I’m navigating. I am navigating parenting children with a genetic disease that has no cure. The life span of the disease used to be in the early 20s and sometimes still is. I’m navigating marriage, polyamory, the strong hold of systemic injustice and late-stage capitalism. I’m navigating not having it all figured out but willing to keep trying, of differentiating the individual and collective responsibilities, the where I end and you begin and disrupting my own patterns of people pleasuring. I’m a healer and healing.

I have privilege as a white, able bodied, heteronormative looking, well resourced femme. My pronouns are she/her. If you prefer to work with someone more in alignment with your identities, I understand and can connect you to another if you like. 


Sex Coach Skills

Pleasure Activist  Pleasure Seeker  Kink Educator   Relationship Coach   Writer  
Not Shocked by Your Desire   Sensate Focus Therapy  Storyteller 
Surrogate Partner Therapist   Event Producer  Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher   Listener   Podcaster   Being Not What You Expected  Creating a Space Where You Can be Seen  Somatica® Training Graduate

Interests + Certifications

My greatest interest is healing, in all its forms. I believe that for the collective, we have to heal ourselves. I encourage dismantling people pleasing and becoming selfish as a way to become embodied. I enjoy uncovering sexual proclivities and creating a space for expression of all kinds.


Though I sit at the seat of the teacher, being a student and expanding my knowledge and skill set is always of interest. I trained as a surrogate partner therapist with Dr. Susan Kaye who trained with sex researchers Masters and Johnson of the Kinsey Institute. I've deepened my somatic coaching and experiential embodiment exercises with training from Somatica®. My education with Waking Yoga informs how I work with clients from a trauma informed perspective. Releasing shame, trauma and learning tools for nervous system regulation are vital to pleasure.

And then there's sextech. Did you know that the sexual wellness industry is expected to reach a value of $10.05 billion by 2028? Following this interest led me to complete the Sextech School foundational program.


Aside from pursuing certifications, diving into the nuance of identity is one of my favorite past times. You can find conversations navigating the complexity of identity and how we are seen in my podcast SEEN.

I’m an arranger, always looking for an enjoyable combination of things. I dislike generalizations and find joy and strength in community. I will not suggest you wake up an hour earlier for self care because I don't do it. The way I survive the dystopian feeling I have on the regular is pleasure and rest.

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