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Dismantling people pleasing for embodied intimacy

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Selfish Sexuality is...

Embodiment  revolution
Putting the power in your own hands

 Vulnerable   Deliberate

Well resourced   Self-authored pleasure

Interdependent rather than co-dependent

 In a relationship of consent with our bodies
Self-regulating  Re-writing your story

Attuning to another who sees you as whole


Colourful Studio Portrait

Selfish Sexuality is not
without awareness
only focused on yourself

Exploring new identities often happens in the realm of sex and intimacy, where we test out different versions of ourselves before fully embracing them. I believe this is partly why ghosting has become so prevalent. We crave a deep connection, but when we become uncertain about how to communicate our evolving identity, we may retreat and disconnect. Transforming into a new version of ourselves can feel daunting and disorienting, and it requires honesty and a sense of safety. This is where an intimacy guide can be invaluable. Selfish Sexuality is a coaching service that teaches intimacy and erotism so that you may have find liberation in your sexuality. Learn more on the Selfish Sexuality offerings page

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